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Why Do I Need Energy Work?

Grief, sadness, pain, suffering, procrastination, guilt, shame, anxiety.. these emotions are navigating teachers that help to remind us when to relax our foot off the accelerator, take time to breathe and check in on our energetic levels. 

  • Are you feeling energetically, emotionally and spiritually depleted and drained?

  • Are you experiencing a "Dark Night of the Soul"?

  • Are you suffering from physical, emotional and/or spiritual wounds?

  • Are you ready to let your heart take the wheel and lead with courage and love?

  • Do you feel out of spiritual alignment and suffering from severe anxiety?

Sitting in for an energetic healing session is a synergy of your conscious self and your heart ready to work on a deeper level of your spiritual journey. You might feel that you are still a long way away from recovery, but the important step is the first, and energy healing work allows us to uncover and address any hidden psychic blockages or issues stunting your flow of growth and connection to life.

While not a replacement for physical medical attention, an energy healing session is an opportunity for people to experience an ancient truth of spirituality: life is energy. No matter if you are spiritually inclined or new to psychic concepts, energetic healing works on the subtle levels beyond full human understanding. All it asks of us is to be open, patient and ready.

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Ashati refers to an healing process that connects to the realms and energetic sources of nature, spirit and the infinite cosmos.  Not limited solely by the realms of earth energies, the Ashati structure is able to access cosmic forces that work on multi layers including the mental, emotional, astral, spiritual and sometimes physical bodies, simultaneously. 

Those intuitively drawn to these energy sessions are often looking for a deeper spiritual process of healing and are curious or ready to elevate their spiritual life and senses. 
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1 on 1 Body Healing Sessions

Every healing session will address the areas of high concern while also attending to the various layers of the Aura; extracting negative entities or energetic attachments, sealing auric tears and clearing past-life wounds, before re-aligning and stabilising its spiritual field. Every soul and person in the world is beautifully unique, and with this in mind, I work on a case-by-case basis, allowing for any intuitive changes or energetic specifications to come through, so that the higher needs of the client's spirit can be addressed and met every time.


These sessions also activate a self-healing process after the day is done, often promoting brief or long lasting heightened higher senses, as well as facilitating energies for spiritual ascension and a reclamation of the soul's seat within.


An Ashati healing process runs for 45 minutes to 1 hour, and can be held in either long distance or in-person appointments. Afterwards, we will discuss all intuitive senses and messages that may have come through during the session and you will be able to ask questions as well.

I look forward to meeting and working with you to facilitate a beautiful and purposeful healing. x


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The process of space clearings is an ancient and beautiful spiritual ritual that can be held in homes and places of work. A space clearing works to extract and dispel stagnant and negative energies, entities and/or energetic blockages that may be preventing positive energies to flow and flourish within a house or office.

By cleansing the energy of the physical space, on the psychic level, the process transforms the subtle energy fields to allow the area to elevate on a more spiritually lighter level, with harmony, abundance and renewal.

Note: Please email for all Space Clearing appointments outside of Sydney, NSW, to calculate appropriate travel fees.

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