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The publishing process is an often under-estimated undertaking that can seem like an incredibly daunting and overwhelming journey despite a range of options and pathways to success. 

I'm here to navigate and guide you through the process with joy and ease.

Without professional publishing experience, most people are likely to waste precious time and effort, or make huge mistakes that hinder their publishing success. With my first-hand knowledge and experiences I'm here to help you build a strategy across the entire publishing process -tailored to your vision, goals and strengths.

Manuscript Manifest Blueprint

The Manuscript Manifesting Blueprint program was created as an opportunity to utilise my learned skills and knowledge as a published author with real in-office publishing experience, and as a high-level energy healer to help others on their goals for manifesting a truly unique, author's life.

With over a decade of experience in the publishing industry I have a unique point of view as an author with international success and as someone who worked within the offices of an independent publishing firm covering numerous areas of sales, marketing, events, author management and production.

I have learned experiences that enable me to share my knowledge and equip you to fully grasp and work with the publishing world for your creative benefit. I have travelled overseas selling published titles directly to customers and bookstores, organized and attended trade fairs exclusive to publishers selling foreign rights and translations to international companies (further deepening my understanding of the working mind of publishers in local and foreign countries), assessed the evaluations of thousands of manuscript submissions and have successfully aided numerous writers in successfully securing their own publishing deals.

This is a high-level tailored consulting service that allows us to work together on a 30-day block where we will work with a balance of high-level structures and plans with high-frequency energy healing work that focuses on your publishing, manifesting and spiritual energetic goals with new or existing areas you wish to address and sharpen, including:

  • Crafting an Author's "Life Map"

  • Manuscript development

  • Local or international publicity/touring and creating courses for your audience

  • Energetic programs to clear blocks around abundance

  • High-frequency meditations and visualisations

  • Product pitch-decks and creating a Media Kit

  • Media training for public performance

  • Creative rebranding + more

Our process together over the first 30-days will include:

  • x1 2hr initial session covering: your present and future goals in publishing, a structural process ahead, compiling writing plans, 

  • x4 1hr weekly scheduled sessions to work on manuscript concepts, creative writing prompts, building publishing pitch-decks, creating your media kit, media training, contracts, agents, market research + more

  • x1 2hr final session covering: your future publishing checklists, creating and promoting services around your brand, local and international tours + much more

  • Opportunity to call or email me with additional questions 24/7

  • A personalised Author's Map workbook of the publishing process and your career path to keep



Creative assessment

We all start from the beginning of an empty page and it's here where we can discover and hone your identity as a writer and creative artist. I will help you shape any initial ideas you have from fragments into a solid piece ready to work on. 


Long-term strategy

Together we will work deep into uncovering your creative strengths and leaning into these skills to craft and plan a publishing roadmap to ensure a long-lasting career to be proud of. My passion is to turn your dreams as a writer into an enriching, expansive journey that continues to grow and flourish for years on end. 


Local and international scope

People love hearing from Authors, and it's here I will walk you through the possibilities of taking your work to a wider audience. Do you want to travel with your work? Visit bookstores overseas with your publication on their shelves? From festival stages, bookstore signings, large workshops, interviews and podcasts in your local area or overseas, the opportunities are endless and I can help you to realise these goals.


You are the empire

Being an author is more than merely putting creative words onto a page. The most important aspect of this field is remembering that an Author is running a business: themselves. We will cover areas around contracts, agents, publicity, marketing, creating/holding courses and more.

Black Marble

Past Client Testimonials

"I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for Andres. He has been an incredible mentor throughout the preparation of my pitch for publishing. His unwavering encouragement helped to dispel my doubts and kept me motivated when I was feeling blocked...
Thanks to his mentorship, I approached publishers with confidence, and his belief in my abilities pushed me towards the finish line. With his support I was able to secure two publishing deals.
I wholeheartedly recommend Andres to any aspiring writer seeking guidance. His unmatched expertise and dedication make him an exceptional mentor in the writing world"

Jessica Lahoud, Author of Crystal Companions and Crystal Flashcards


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For inquiries regarding writing for beginners or a 101 introduction in creative writing for publishing, please click the link below for our courses and offerings.

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