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I don't just write. I run my mouth and occasionally sit down with interesting people and brands to discuss my work and what leads me to it all. Enjoy at your own leisure -or peril!

Seekers and Healers Podcast

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A not-so-regular-/regular podcast with my friend and colleague, Amalya Kharisma, where we dive deep into discussions dissecting various subjects within spirituality and living the human experience.

What does it mean to be a seeker or healer? How does living a spiritual life look like for you? What is Plant Spirit Medicine? What are the benefits of a shamanic journey? How can we integrate a spiritual life within the everyday world? Nothing is taboo and everything is welcome.

Join in on our epic rabbit-hole conversations with special guests, mad-hatter wisdom and a tarot/oracle card draw at the end of each episode.

#seekersandhealerspodcast @seekersandhealerspodcast


I recently joined long-time colleague and fellow writer Walter Mason on his podcast for the local Sydney bookshop Better Read Than Dead, and we got into the real deep about healing from loss and darkness through magick and rituals, my personal story and the simplicity of easy real-world spiritual practices.
#ExpandedThinkingWithWalterMason @talkingwordspodcast 

I'VE GOT NEWS FOR YOU / NEWS.COM.AU needed a local expert on folk magick and esoterica, and well.. they got me. I sat down with Andrew for a quick discussion on working with magickal rituals and spiritual practices. Available on Spotify HERE.

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