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Druid Wisdom

Published: 2022
978-1922579454 | 40 cards in magnetic close box
Dimensions: 6.35 x 2.54 x 10.8 cm
Top #3 best-seller on Amazon in

Druid Wisdom is a 40-card inspiration deck to awaken the nomadic wanderer inside and explore the ancient memories, forgotten spells and whispers of magic rooted in the land of folklore legends. 

I created this deck to capture the essence of Scotland, England and Wales through a series of rich and haunting images from my personal photography during my time living in the UK, accompanied with bardic poetry, musings and spiritual rituals.

Enter into the Celtic realm and awaken the Druid Wisdom of nature, spirituality and the human spirit within.


Pure Magic Oracle

Published: 2021
978-1925924664 | 36 cards with 144pg full colour booklet
Dimensions: 10.16 x 13.97 cm
also translated for French language

Pure Magic Oracle is an oracle deck written for wisdom, magic and grace. Inspired by the elements of nature, each card will help aid you to uncover spiritual guidance and awaken your own sense of intuition, steering you towards the path of self-awareness and personal healing.
Inspired by the original book Pure Magic: a complete course in spellcasting by author Judika Illes, Pure Magic Oracle celebrates the sacred wisdom of nature, cultural magical practices and emotional intelligence in an array of simplistic artwork. A beautiful deck for the beginner witch, mystic or pagan to journey across the landscape of magical history and the healing powers of the soul.



Divine Doors

Published: 2019
978-1925682953 | 40 cards in magnetic close box
Dimensions: 10.8 x 3.18 x 5.72 cm
Top #10 on Amazon
Divination category

Divine Doors affirmations is a travel-size mini oracle deck written from the inspiration and symbolism of doors as portals. Inspired by the author's penchant for cryptic poems and bardic songs, each card offers an insightful musing of spiritual messages to sit down and reflect on.

Use the mini deck as a tool for personal divination, creative inspiration, gift-giving and even a cleaver add-on for tarot readings, Divine Doors is a love letter to the travellers and nomads who see the world with psychic eyes and feel it with a bigger heart. 

Let the doorways and portals of mortal realms open the paths to greater realities


Saints and Mystics

Published: 2018
978-1925429282 | 36 cards with 120pg full colour booklet
Dimensions: 13.46 x 3.05 x 19.3 cm
also translated for French language

Saints and Mystics Reading Cards is a unique, experimental oracle deck that pulls the reader in through time to discover secrets and teachings through some of the most revered spiritual leaders and healers from history.

Fashioned to act as sacred altar cards for ritual or prayer, Saints and Mystics Reading Cards are displayed with crisp and visually detailed images that flesh out the mood, atmosphere and psychic energy of the selected figures featured throughout the deck.
From Mystics such as Nostradamus and Confucius, Isaac Newton and Marie Laveau, to the famous traditional and folk saints of history including St. Jude, Joan of Arc, St. Sebastian, St. Teresa of Avila and even Australia's own Mary MacKillop, each card reveals their personal story and sheds light into the ways we can connect to their great wisdom and eternal spirits on the emotional, spiritual and mental levels within our own lives.


Erin, USA

“I absolutely love these [Druid Wisdom] cards! From opening the box, to the size of them, the vivid imagery with symbols and besides the message an action as well. I feel grateful to have these beautiful cards. Thank you to the creator!!"
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