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Manuscript & Publishing 

Do you have a number of creative works you want to send to publishers? This is a 30-day service where together, using my experience and knowledge from the publishing industry, we will move your ideas from concept to pitch-worthy, money-making manuscripts ready for publishing.

I often hear from clients who need help over the space of a few weeks or months to help build or refine their publishing ideas. This service allows us to connect on scheduled periods over zoom and/or face-to-face meetings to work on your publishing needs.

Image by Florian Klauer
Image by I.am_nah

Ashati Energy Healing

Ashati is an Energy Healing modality that taps into the psychic frequency of the cosmos and higher levels of spiritual consciousness. 

The healing process involves a purification of the spiritual body and addresses matters involving  areas around trauma, repressed emotions, soul-life patterns and energetic spiritual progression.

Intuitive Oracle Workshop

Harness your innate intuitive abilities to access spiritual insight, wisdom and healing in ways of divination readings. Learn how to master your psychic skillset and hold sessions for yourself and others through energetic sessions, auric work, and psychic-mediumship readings using oracle and tarot cards within a like-minded community.

This is the prime workshop for those who wish to push their intuitive skills further and learn to understand and harness their psychic strengths for the purpose of personal development, professional readings and/or ritual work.

Image by Cat Crawford
Image by SIMON LEE


Kintsuji is an ancient Japanese practice of repairing broken objects with gold. A practical and straight-forward practice, it is also a deeply meditative service in restoring sentimental items to greater glory.


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