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Actor, Author & Creative Artist


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Andrés Engracia


Andrés Engracia is an Actor, Photographer and international best-selling author of numerous titles in the metaphysical genre, including the globally popular Divine Doors mini affirmations, Druid Wisdom affirmations deck and Pure Magic Oracle. His publications have been translated into multiple languages, resonating with people from all across the globe.

Adding to his creative career, with previous experience working for a book publishing company, Andrés is a highly respected and sought-after teacher, offering his knowledge and experiences to assist clients across the traditional publishing process from developing manuscript concepts to crafting pitch-ready submissions for non-fiction books as well as oracle deck. Additionally, Andr
és runs several successful digital-based masterclasses and workshops on intuitive and spiritual development, plant spirit healing, creative living and magnetic manifesting.

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Image by Chandra Oh


Intuitive Development Intensive Workshops

That's right, after a 5 year hiatus, the 1:1 Intuitive Development workshops will be returning soon at local Australian city locations including Sydney and Melbourne.

Structured with a combination of online and face-to-face study, these courses are fun, interactive, and yes, intensive.

You will:

  • Master the reins of your intuitive strengths

  • Learn to sense, harness and read psychic energy

  • Access and develop strong clairvoyant skills

  • Learn practical, powerful crystal rituals to amplify healing and accelerate your growth

  • Work with tarot & oracle cards for intuitive readings

Upcoming Masterclasses & workshops:

  • Unblocking with Moldavite

  • Master of Energies: improving intuitive skills

  • Oracle Secrets: Tarot & Oracle development group

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