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Intuitive Artist/
Creative Coach

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It's about time you stopped playing small...

Hi! I'm Andrés Engracia and I am an International Author, holistic coach and creative mystic on a mission to help aspiring artists build self-made, legacy careers on their own terms.

I work to create a bridge between the worlds of corporate/artistic professionals and the holistic/healing practitioners, infusing the two realms of thought and practice into career and life.

Currently based in Sydney, Australia, I travel and work with clients all over the globe through 1:1 coaching, mentorships, live workshops and online courses.

Rock Maze


Personal and tailored online sessions available: 

  • Tarot & Intuitive Oracle Readings

  • Crystal Mediumship sessions

  • Spiritual Therapy Sessions

  • Ashati Spiritual and Soul-Life Healing Sessions

  • Australian Bush Flower Essence Treatment sessions


Personal and tailored face-to-face or online sessions available: 

  • Creative Career Coaching

  • Abundance Frequency & Money Mentality Coaching

  • Publishing Mentorship for writers and Authors

  • Book Pitch coaching

  • Holistic/Spiritual Business growth

Unleash Your Inner Author

  • Are you burning with a desire to share your knowledge with the world through publishing a book or oracle deck?

  • Are you interested in learning tried-and-true publishing secrets direct from an professional?

  • Do you want visit new countries to teach and connect with people while still enjoying time to travel and see the world?

  • Are you ready to learn how to leverage your skills and create a royalty income stream?

    Andres is both a 5 times published Author and has worked in a traditional publishing house who has discovered and broke deals with new, rising and established writers across Australia, North America, Europe and the UK.


Join the Intuitive Author's Circle and transform your skills and knowledge into a thriving career as a Author.

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Magnetic Mystic
Signature Course

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Level Up Your Creative Life and Control Your Financial Freedom

Coaching-style trainings to ditch the 9-5, explore your creative potential building a self-generated career with creative agency that leaves lasting a legacy and impacts the world with positivity.

  • Learn to harness an Abundance & Magnetic Mentality

  • Unleash Your Inner Author

  • Awaken your Psychic senses

  • Master Spiritual Energy in work and life

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1:1 coaching package

Personal accountability and active mentoring coaching covering: 

  • Your Creative career

  • Mindset and abundance mentality programming 

  • Intuitive skills & development

  • Personal and motivational coaching for working professionals

Image by ammar sabaa

About Andrés

Andrés is an internationally recognised Creative Artist, Photographer and best-selling Author.

With a booming and expansive career in the arts and entertainment industry, Andrés has been featured across TV and print in, MindBodySpiritFestival and Retailing Insight Magazine.

Andrés blends his knowledge of deep intuition, spirituality and abundance mentality into publications, courses and teachings that guide clients all over the world to embark on their own creative careers and empower their paths towards artistic and financial freedom.


Developing Creative Freedom for

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Artists, Writers, Coaches and Intuitive Healers

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