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About Andres Engracia

Andrés Engracia is an Author, Actor, creative artist and international best-selling author of numerous metaphysical titles including the globally popular Divine Doors mini affirmations, Druid Wisdom affirmations and Pure Magic Oracle. His publications have been translated into many languages, resonating with people from all across the globe.

Inspired by ritual and folklore, medieval magical history, metaphysical healing practices and mythology of ancient eras, Andrés finds passion in building creative living through other working endeavours such as traditional kintsugi, ceramics, painting and poetry. His own spiritual practices are deeply rooted in druidic and shamanic traditions and echoed throughout all of his publications, delivering authenticity through his written style and voice.

Coming from a mixed ancestry household with a diverse background, Andres is passionate in supporting LGBTQI+ and BIPOC communities to celebrate ethnic visibility, traditions, history and stories. Raised along Australia’s east coast, he has lived in the United Kingdom connecting to his Celtic roots in Ireland & Scotland while continuing to travel frequently across Europe and North America for creative work and public appearances. Today, he works extensively as a Creative Career Consultant helping clients all over the world realise their publishing dreams. He currently resides in Sydney, Australia but with his heart set on returning to New Orleans, Louisiana and Edinburgh, Scotland.

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